Quarterly Newsletters

Q3 Restaurant Updates, Vauk Service Road, Sappington House, Dierbergs/McBride Updates
Q2 City Projects and Activities, Business Construction, Mall Updates
Q1 City Projects and Activities, Police Department Updates, April 6 Election

Q4 Mall Updates, April 2021 Election, 2021 Projects, Zoning Code Update
Q3 Budget Updates, Economic Development, Quarry Updates, Grants
Q2 Mall Site News, Code Enforcement Review, Other Items of Interest
Q1 Across The Board, Mall Status, COVID-19

Q4 Year in Review, 2020 Preview, Mall Status
Q3 Medical Marijuana, Street Tree Program, Door to Door Solicitors
Q2 What I Didn't Know, How to Fill A Pot Hole
Q1 April 2 Ballot, Mall Status