Board Approves Dierbergs and McBride Plans

At the November 9, 2021 meeting, the Crestwood Board of Alderman gave unanimous approval of several items relating to the Dierbergs / McBride development plan. Full agenda HERE.

The major item approved was their Preliminary Development Plan which is the “high level” plan for the entire site. Within 9 months, a detailed Final Development Plan is required to be submitted and will be reviewed. Other items approved were rezoning the entire site to “PD-MXD” (Planned Development, Mixed Use), a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) allowing McBride to build homes on the site, and a CUP for the Dierbergs shopping center sign that will be installed at Watson and Old Sappington.

Representatives from Dierbergs and McBride presented their plans to the board and answered questions. They stated that additional approvals (external to the City) are still being processed, from St. Louis County, MSD, and the State of MO.

Another approval from the Board of Alderman is also still needed for the “Redevelopment Plan”, which will define many requirements and deadlines associated with the TIF and CID tax incentives. The Board of Alderman will likely vote on this later in November.

McBride representatives indicated that they hope to have homes for sale by the end of 2022 and anticipate them selling quickly. Dierbergs representatives stated that if all needed approvals are received quickly then site work may begin in Spring 2022.

There is significant site prep that will be needed, including digging up the old foundation and pavement, installing sewer, water, electric, gas infrastructure, and building all the roads for the entire development. Once all that work is complete, construction on the new buildings can begin. Dierbergs didn’t want to estimate a grand opening date yet but said it will probably be in 2023.

McBride will be building three “villages” on the site, each with a different style home – 81 homes in total. Part of the city’s approval included a condition that no more than 12 of those home will be built without at least a partial masonry front facade. Another condition is that the homes must have at least 3 bedrooms, except for the “city style” homes which can have 2 bedrooms. Sidewalks and streetlights will also be installed for the entire site.

The commercial portion of the development can be completed in phases. Phase 1 will include the Dierbergs store and the “attached” retail/restaurant sites as well as a pedestrian bridge and path connecting the site to Grant’s Trail. A major component of Phase 2 will include a large public gathering space with a fountain that connects to restaurants (similar in concept to the plaza in Kirkwood).

After all the votes were taken, Mayor Mabie paused the proceedings to recognize the significance of the milestone reached. The last major retailer to open a store in Crestwood was Kohl’s in 2003 – nearly 20 years ago. The last time a developer of the mall site progressed this far was back in the 80’s when they enclosed the outdoor plaza to make it a mall. None of the recent development efforts have made it this far. The homes built here will be the largest residential development in the city since the 1970’s. There has been a lot of work by the developers, and by city staff to make this happen. It’s also clear that robust negotiations on details of the development have yielded a much-improved plan, compared to what was originally proposed. Dierbergs and McBride are both major local companies that are committed to seeing this project through. Here we go!