Waste Connections - Special Services and Discounts

Our new trash service with Waste Connections started on April 1 - and we all received our first bill back in March.

If you are a senior (age 65 or older) - you are eligible for a 10% discount (starting 7/1/2019).   The "standard" cost is $57 every 3 months.   The senior rate is $51.30.   If you are eligible and haven't called Waste Connections yet, their phone number is 636-321-2100.

Valet Service for Disabled Residents (regardless of age) - if you are unable to put your trash out to the curb, then here is the form you need to fill out and give to the City Clerk at City Hall.   There is no additional charge for this service, but you need to provide a note from your doctor stating your disability.   If you have questions, call 729-4700 and select option 2.

Low Income Discount - If your income falls below the St. Louis County low income threshold ($43,050 for one person, $49,200 for two), then you may qualify for this substantial discount ($15.69 every 3 months).   Here is the form that is needed.   I would recommend calling City Hall (729-4700 option 2) and discuss the details and requirements.

As a reminder - here are the other details regarding our trash service:

You probably received a letter from Waste Connections a while back.   If not, here's a copy.

Holidays - Their holidays are New Years (Jan 1), Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.   If your pick up falls on a holiday or later in the week, then service will be delayed by one day.

Recycle Carts - Those big blue recycle carts that we use belong to the City of Crestwood, but if you don't have one, you can call public works at 729-4720 (option 2) to get one.

Trash Cart Rental - if you wish to rent a trash cart from Waste Connections call them at 636-321-2100.  They are $3.00 per month.

Waste Connections Contact:
     wcmissouri@wasteconnections.com           636-321-2100